WE FUNK RADIO: One of the hottest hip-hop radio shows around, DJ static and Professor Groove hit you with all the underground and classic hip-hop you could want plus old school breaks, beats and grooves. If you have iTunes, click on the WeFunk listing under the "radio" tab. Otherwise click the link above.

THE ORIGINAL HIP-HOP LYRICS ARCHIVE: This is just an incredible site that features the lyrics to thousands of hip-hop songs. It's well organized and extremely comprehensive. Don't be fooled by the biters, this is the original and the best lyrics site going.the link above.

EYE JAMMIE: THipHop is such a rapidly changing cultural artform that so much time is spent looking ahead to the next big thing that hiphoppahs often fail to reflect on the culture's past. Eye Jammie gallery in NYC fills that void by chronicling various forms and styles of HipHop photography with various exhibits and merchandise. Those in the Rotten Apple can visit the gallery in-person. For the rest of us, eyejammie.com is the next best thing.