PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC - FUNKED UP: If you are wondering why Parliament Funkadelic is represented here or even who they are, then you need to up your HipHop I.Q.

With all due respect to the Meters, Roger and Zapp, Rick James, and other bringers of funk, no musicians have had more impact on the sound of HipHop than James Brown and Parliament and Funkadelic, aka P-Funk. Parliament handled the funk and soul while Funkadelic took a more rock/funk approach.

Whether through samples or just blatant style biting, the P-funk imprint is stamped all over the music of the culture from old school to new, east coast to west, and even down south.

Without P-funk, EPMD nor Redman would be as funky, Redman would have had a different cover on album 2, Digital underground may not have existed, there would be no Chronic album, no G-funk, no Outkast as we know them, no I Wish My Brother George Was Here, no West Coast sound as we know it, and on and on and on.

If you’ve never heard a P-funk album, just throw on a greatest hits album and you’ll find yourself quickly playing a prolonged game of Name That Sample. Your opinion of the talents of some of the so-called HipHop super producers may change and Andre 3000 may not seem as strikingly original.

With this piece, I wanted to pay tribute to the P-Funk sound by incorporating various visual elements that true funkateers should appreciate. And while both Parliament and Funkadelic were composed of some of the best funk musicians of all-time, the bandleader and front man was unquestionably Dr. Funkenstein George Clinton, who is represented multiple times in this piece in his different manifestations — Uncle Jam, Starchild, Dr. Funkenstein, etc. – along with Bootsy Collins, P-funk members and themes.