KNOWLEDGE - 4080: With this piece I wanted to put a visual HipHop twist on the concept of knowledge without using images of the various MCs that represent positivity, intelligence and … knowledge.

I settled on an approach that would attempt to impart knowledge to the viewer.

To this end the central theme revolves around the Newton’s Second Law of Motion and the concept of centripetal force in which a force is exerted upon rotating objects that tends to pull them to the center.

Practically this is demonstrated on turntables where centripetal force is what pulls the tonearm inward, and what causes records to skip. It is the force scratch DJs work against to create various sounds and noises and must be accounted for through the adjustment of counterweights and the anti-skate mechanism.

It is also demonstrated when breakers perform any combination of moves in which they use their legs to create movement, acceleration and rotation around a center point.

In theoretical terms this idea of a moving object drawn to a center point is demonstrated in the magazine page and article I created that identify the date, address and circumstance when HipHop originated.

It is also demonstrated via the Africa medallion that was THE accessory during HipHop’s Golden Era, when political, intelligent thoughtful lyrics were the rule and not the exception. Of course the concept can be extended because the roots of HipHop culture are African in origin.

Regardless of the directions HipHop culture moves, it still revolves around, emanated from, and will always be drawn back to these center points – Africa and The Bronx

I chose to place all of this information in the form of a blueprint to create a sense that these various elements are being examined and studied in greater detail from a more technical, scientific standpoint.

As for the "4080," without going into too much negative detail, i'll just say that during the creation of this piece I was reminded that record company people are shadyyyyyyy!