HOUSE OF PAIN - GREEN PRIDE: Talk about the gift and the curse. When talented HipHop groups don’t come up with one “hit” song that gets radio play they typically never get the opportunity showcase their talents to larger audiences beyond their underground core. But when the same group scores a radio or “crossover” hit, underground audiences are quick to dismiss the group as having “crossed over” or “sold out” neither of which bodes well for the long-term success of the group.

Such was the case for House of Pain, the three-man crew consisting of Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal, when they dropped their first album in 1992 and the hit single “Jump Around.”

Actually, if you weren’t around back then or don’t remember, the term “hit” doesn’t do the song justice. Not only was it a coast-to-coast and international hit, but it was even getting played during tip off at NBA games, in movies, etc.

While “Jump Around” boosted House of Pain record sales, it also relegated them in the minds of many to one-hit wonders and prevented far too many people from critically examining their music and their next two albums, “Same As It Ever Was” and “Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again.”

The albums were musically and lyrically superior to 85% of music released at the same time, but because of the on-hit “Jump Around” stigma, many people have no idea.

I created this piece after hearing a House of Pain song in the Daredevil movie that made me go dig out some old cassettes. The featured lyrics, the imagery, and the symbolism should be familiar to any HOP fans and hopefully may give those who aren’t fans a reason to check out the group’s work.