FOUNDING FATHERS: The title of this piece says it all – founding fathers. GrandMaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc gave birth to HipHop culture back in those days that most of us only hear about from time to time via documentaries (Scratch the Movie, and WildStyle are two excellent cultural resources) and anniversary issues of various HipHop publications. The cultural framework these three men developed along with many other unknown b-boys and b-girls is far too extensive a history to list here. But like the tag says, “Respect Your Elders.” You can do that by learning and exploring the early history of the culture.

On the technical side, this piece is based on an old picture I cut from a magazine years ago. This piece took longer than most of the others because I wanted to get specific color and texture pattern to make the image more vibrant since I wasn’t going to be incorporating any other images or elements as with the other pieces. I also wanted to avoid a lot of visual distractions so the tag line would stand out. I was shooting for a look that was essentially a little John Biggers meets Synthia Saint James with a kente cloth-type texture. If that doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry, it eventually came out the way I envisioned. Like some of the others, this is one of the prints that you really have to see up close to fully appreciate the detail.