EPMD - DYNAMIC DUO: Sometimes questions just don’t need to be asked and only serve to confuse the point. For example, while listening to EPMD’s Strictly Business and deciding to do a piece dedicated to Erick and Parrish, I started wondering what exactly was it that made EPMD one of the few groups you never hear Hiphoppahs arguing about. It’s simply a given amongst people in the know that EPMD is one of the great, hardcore, funky HipHop duos of all-time.

But why? Sure Parrish was pretty smooth and dropped hot battle lines like, “The process of elimination is quite simple /
Let you grow like a blackhead and pop you like a pimple / Slice you like lettuce, toss you like a salad / Revoke your MC license if your rhymes ain't valid.” But we’ve heard smoother.

And Erick Sermon often sounds like he’s rhyming with a mouth full of cotton balls and peanut butter.

But combine the two emcees, their slow, steady, monotone flow and beats that are as incredibly funky as they are simple and you have the ingredients for classic, original HipHop that 16 years after the fact have the same bass thumping, head nodding affect.

This piece features lyrics from So What Cha Sayin’ along with renditions of Erick and Parrish that are consistent with the odd way they tend to appear in pictures with Parrish on the left and the green-eyed bandit on the right.

Like I said, don’t ask why. Just let the funk flow. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can jump up and do the Steve Martin.