NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - BROOKLYN'S FINEST: Doing a piece dedicated to the Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls, was a given. While I don't think he has the body of work to support the "He was the greatest emcee ever" label that some want to bestow upon him, Biggie was an incredible talent and personality who impacted HipHop in the '90s like few others.

It was Biggie's lyrical genius that gave him credibility among the hardcore HipHop set and the danceable grooves provided by Puff Daddy that made him a star in more commercial circles. It was also Biggie who legitimized Bad Boy Records in the HipHop world, a stamp the label has futilely struggled to maintain since Biggie's death in 1997.

This piece features lyrics from "Unbelievable," a cut from Big Poppa's debut album, "Ready to Die."