BAHAMADIA - N-O-VASHUN: It’s strange how within the confines of an art form as male dominated as HipHop music, when a female emcee with skills surpassing most of her male and female peers shows up she still gets bottom-billing and no shine. There’s the usual problem that HipHop requiring listeners to actually pay attention beyond figuring out how many times they can shake their asses between choruses gets little airplay. The other problem specific to female emcees like Bahamadia is the Whore-rap phenomenon as performed by Trina, Lil Kim, etc.

What this means is that along with not getting any radio play because her rhyming is too complex, Bahamadia also won’t be getting any magazine layouts or covers because she doesn’t rock the mic with half of her ass hanging out.

But here at, the BB Queen gets nuff respect.

This piece is largely based on the cover of Bahamadia’s first album, “Kollage,” and elements from album number two, “BB Queen,” and includes lyrics from “Innovation.”