BODYROCKIN': With all of the pieces here, capturing a bit of the essence of HipHop culture is always the goal. While the majority of the pieces deal with emcees, it was inevitable that a B-boy and break dancing-related piece would be created. The challenge was how to capture the vibrant, flamboyant, energetic nature of what B-boys/girls and breakers contribute to the culture.

Initially I planned to create an image of a breaker in one of any number of acrobatic poses. Then, a few months ago, I came across a HipHop arts workshop here in L.A., J.U.i.C.E. (Justice By Uniting in Creative Energy), where DJs, emcees, graf artists and breakers cipher and session for hours on end.
When I finally got down to seriously working on this piece, I started thinking about the breakers at J.U.i.C.E. and realized that I needed to go beyond showing a single pose to convey the athleticism, artistry and motion breakers bring.

I came up with the idea of taking a couple of moves and breaking them down step-by-step so non-breakers can get an appreciation of what goes into even basic moves. In this piece I’ve broken down into 121 poses or “frames” a series of moves that probably takes your average B-boy or B-girl about two or three seconds to complete.

In keeping with part of the original concept, I added a few other breakers posed out on the edge of the piece. And of course where would any breaker be without a DJ rockin’ the breaks? So I threw in a DJ also, laid over a graf-styled background.

As for the featured lyrics, when I started searching through my collection for lyrics giving props to b-boys I realized there were very few emcees who dealt with the subject.

In the lyrical search I was put on to Diverse, a hot emcee out of Chicago and his song “Uprock”:

B-Boy essential like oxygen Coppertone glisten summer shine and cuttin’ the cardboard on all fours, I crabwalk the rhythm without a leash

Animated like Saturday mornings exchanging jabs like we going 12 rounds, delve down tuck your icewear, nights here get desperate, enchanted by they antics and talking the hustle, bubble gum gangsta pop stop playing this constellation of pseudo stars collapsible like a compact reality

You Vanity Fairs know we’d rather be uh-uh-uprockin’ to the constant knock of my low end theory

So get into your stance and dance as if provoking the rain, scoping the range like I’m hoping to see what’s out there

We cover spectrums like the streets love the bedlam or how my lungs breathe expression it’s conceived on a whim no discretion

Yo Get Into Your Stance Uprock and Then Break