ICE-T - O.G.: By his own admission Ice-T is far from the illest emcee to grab the mic. What he is, along with being a West Coast HipHop pioneer, is one of the few “gangsta rap” emcees with the pedigree to support his claims. It is his real-life experiences that have shaped his art, positioned him as one of HipHop’s most important figures, and distanced him from his peers in the gangsta sub genre.

Ice-T’s rhymes aren’t simply reckless, boastful, gun-toting, violent fiction. They are largely graphic cautionary tales offering the insight and perspective of someone who has witnessed first hand the fast money and long-term consequences of gang-life, the pimp game, and the hustler lifestyle. And sometimes his rhymes were just straight-up hardcore gangsta shit!

Even though it was a heavy metal record, "Cop Killer," he made with his group Body Count that thrust him into the national spotlight, it ended up being Ice-T the rapper at the center of a raging debate over artistic expression, freedom of speech, HipHop, and urban injustice that was fueled by President George Bush Sr.’s verbal attack.

The controversy galvanized the HipHop community against the powers that be and represented one of the final times HipHop was discussed nationally within the context of a legitimately defensible set of issues.

The featured lyrics are taken from "Lethal Weapon" and display both Ice-T’s lack of lyrical dexterity and his commitment to content that expands beyond the usual sex and violence fare.

More bodies than John Gotti, the lethal weapon is slaying /
Just open any book, that's ammo to the brain

What really matters, is how well is your weapon trained /
Some would say genius, while others would say insane

The weapon power has been witnessed upon my page /
From Martin Luther's dream, to Hitler's psycho rage

What's more powerful, the brain or a 12-gauge? /
The words I speak have scared many people to this stage

But promote violence, I really have to disagree /
It's entertainment, like terminator on TV

But some'll never see, you're stupid ignorant and blind /
The lethal weapon's the mind!