HipHop Appreciation Week: I created this piece in observance of HipHop Appreciation Week, a weeklong period of observation, reflection and celebration of hip hop culture. The Temple of HipHop, a “Hiphop preservation society that seeks to define and teach the accumulated wisdom of Hiphop to Hiphoppas” founded by KRS-ONE, is the primary organization behind the week. To help promote the week, the Temple asks members of the hip hop community to promote the week by incorporating the promotion into whatever it is they do.

So if you’re an emcee, they suggest incorporating references in your rhymes. If you’re a DJ you should play more conscious cuts in your mixtapes and mention the week in your liner notes.

As it relates to me and other artists, it’s suggested that we incorporate the dates of Hiphop Appreciation Week into our work and/or design fliers in commemoration.

So this piece represents my contribution. For more information on Hiphop Appreciation Week, check out the Temple of HipHop website –