GangStarr - Original GangStarr: GangStarr is truly one of HipHop’s greatest groups. The funny thing is that they’re a crew like tha Liks that seem to get taken for granted simply because they are always around, just below the radar dropping consistently high quality albums. Step in the Arena is one of my personal favorite albums. It’s also the first album I remember hearing where I took notice of how sick the production was. Since then DJ Premier has established himself as arguably the greatest HipHop producer, not over the course of a year or two, but over the past 15 years.

I hadn’t originally planned to do a GangStarr piece, but I was listening to Daily Operation, maybe the duo’s best album, when I decided to create this piece. The quote however is from the previous album and is particularly appropriate for the HipHop community: Spirituality supports reality, we gotta fight with the right mentality, so we can gain what is rightfully ours, this is the meaning of the chain and the star.